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Clair Shadows
Date: 2011-06-23 22:49
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Tags:podfic, remixing stance
My stance on remixing any of my podfics: Go for it! No seriously, I record my favourite stories, but I can't help critiquing myself when I listen, so you if you are willing to rerecord my favourites I am behind you, hell I'll probably beta read for you. Just let me know so I can wriggle with joy.
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Clair Shadows
Date: 2011-06-12 19:51
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Hello world,
  I have conquered not one, not two, but three assignments worth 45% of my grade in the last two weeks. Yay to me!

Here are two podfic recs:

Fandom: American Idol
Pairing: Kris/Adam
Podfic: City  of a Thousand Wonders by Astolat and read by 2naonh3_cl2
Found here:
Why you should listen: First this is an amazing story where together Kris and Adam team up to fight monsters and have amazing sex :) Next 2naonh3_cl2 has an easy to listen to voice and is not afraid to put in the little noises that really make a story come alive. The recording and editing are excellent and at 1 hour and 23 minutes you can wash up and finish folding the clothes completely at peace with the world. 

Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Pairing: Jim/Spock
Podfic: Some days its not even worth chewing through the restraints by lazulisong and read by templemarker 
Found here:
Why you should listen: Sometimes you just need to laugh and at 7 and a half minutes this is a short and fun story that puts a light hearted spin on the aliens made them do it trope.

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Clair Shadows
Date: 2011-02-15 23:05
Subject: WIP meme
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WIP meme
Most recent first

Lesbian plant women one tattoo kink
Paul and Thomas

Sherlock BBC series/HDM
John as Harry's daemon one

Startrek Reboot
The one where Jim's mum takes him to Vulcan to avoid the press after Tarsus IV and Jim and Spock accidentally bond
The one where humans still have wings and Vulcan's have evolved out of theirs but Spock being a hybrid pulled some weird genetic throwback thing and gained wings like the Vulcans of old

The one where John has atlantis's baby
The one where Rodney is like a sex god and wins the trading rights to these really delicious fruit (this one actually kind of disturbed me and left me squinting at my imagination for days)
The firefly crossover one where Rodney in a bid to stop the wraith locked all life in the universe away (not his intention he swears) save Earth and Atlantis firefly crew wake them up thousands and thousands of years later and suddenly colonialists find themselves neighbours with some very strange/dangerous beings indeed. Kaylee has the gene :)

I would be grateful in the extreme if anyone wants to take over any of these WIP. Go wild.
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Clair Shadows
Date: 2010-07-11 19:51
Subject: Maths
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Hello world. I am studying once more. More specifically I am relearning year 12 maths under the heading math120. To my own credit I'm not actually procrastinating despite my hate (6 out of 12 weekly assignments at least roughly completed. Go me!)

That said the short audiobook or drabble of your choice to anyone who can tell me 'why' the derivative of ln(sqrt x) = 1/2x ? Two weeks this has been haunting me and pages and pages of scribbled out equations in my notebook.  My desire for this seemingly easy equation to die in a fire cannot be adequately expressed.
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Clair Shadows
Date: 2009-05-13 19:44
Subject: Writer's Block: Dream On
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Tags:dreams, recurring dreams, writer's block

Do you ever have recurring dreams? If so, are they good dreams or nightmares?

View 503 Answers

I dream of waves large enough to fill both horizons just curling as they start to crash down.
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Clair Shadows
Date: 2007-06-07 22:54
Subject: (no subject)
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I had a dream and in my dream I was a dragon wings outspread flying past the walls of the ancient castle where I and the last of my kind lived. There were 30 - 40 of us and our numbers were dwindling falling to accidents that weren't.

I was in love with the human dark haired prince of the castle. He was cruel and conceited. My wings flare as I come in to land on the flat roof of the castle. My prince is there with a tall blond woman a virgin and two silent guards. The woman is fair and elegant and of the court and I feel jealousy bloom. I feel ashamed of my love for the prince who I have suspicions is behind the accidents to my kind, but I don't care. He is presenting this woman and wanting to bind me, when all I want is to be with him. He presents the small steel ring with it's heavy engravings and as I try to word the doubts in my mind one of the guards stabs the woman the knife coming clean through her front and she is falling on me the ring doesn't touch me, but it is too late. I am not bound, but the woman falls into me and I am pregnant deep into my third trimester and too heavy to stay aloft. In the panic I wheel away from the roof and start to plummet down the side of the castle old brick and moss rushing past me. I transform into human and manage to halt my fall clinging with hands and feet as a gargoyle prepared to spring away to one of the small window ledges. Trying to make my form small and still so that I wouldn't be detected. My world narrowed to the sounds of pursuit.

The weight of the baby within me and the betrayal of my prince follows me into waking.
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Clair Shadows
Date: 2007-05-18 23:29
Subject: (no subject)
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Tags:jason's story
Jason's Story:

You are in a field. It is night. The moon is covered by the thin veil of mist which has sprung up during the past hour. The land dips and rises around you in now unfamiliar fields and farms. You see what may be a house in the distance. The small forest is behind you and to your left and right the fields continue.

You don't know how to get home. You don't know how you got here.

You are wearing a dark black overcoat, boots that look like they came from an ex army shop and dark jeans. The clothes don't feel familiar.

Searching through your pockets you find the keys to your house, a lighter, a packet of cigarettes and a folded note.

What do you do?

[open folded note]

You open the folded note and read:

"Hey sorry about the clothes, yours were trashed. Call me 555-0606." The writing is feminine and loopy. You feel somehow disappointed.

[walk towards house]

You pick your way carefully across the field heading towards the light in the distance.

The light grows brighter and as you walk on it becomes larger than you can account for. After half an hour you can make out what appears more like a factory than a house.

Do you wish to continue?
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Clair Shadows
Date: 2007-03-21 11:37
Subject: (no subject)
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drawing personality

What does your drawing say about YOU?

The results of your analysis say:

Your friends and associates should generally find you a dependable and trustworthy person.
You are a thoughtful and cautious person. You like to think about your method, seeking to pursue your goal in the most effective way.
You are creative, mentally active and industrious.
You have a sunny, cheerful disposition.

Yay me.
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Clair Shadows
Date: 2006-05-16 23:19
Subject: Fanficlet
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Music:my own quiet panic
Tags:fanfiction, ficlet
I feel like adding something of my own to this board. The panic is not from pre-post but from a more undefinable source. Writing has mellowed it a little, but it's still there lurking.

The story I originally wanted it to be was a Sentinel Mpreg all light and airy where Blair was really a type of shape changer and half morphed during an important moment and well there are consequences to that type of thing ... and I had this image of Blair round and fat and his hair even curlier and of just happiness, but then this Daniel centered stargate story crept up.

All strange world and in and out and it's kind of fitting in this in-between confusing mood.

“Don’t break the window!” The high pitched child-like voices chanted getting faster and faster as the game played out; hands clapping against hands one palm up, one palm down, then chest to chest as if it was a game of balance then back to one palm down, one palm up. Daniel watched them play not entirely sure if they were real. One of them was drawing on the low stone wall that surrounded this place in coloured chalk, they looked like symbols, but Daniel’s mind skittered away from what they could mean. A small group broke off from the clapping game giggling, their smoky indistinct forms wavering as they shifted into a game of catch me.
The girl, he was sure it was a girl, it was wearing a simple grey dress, finished her drawing, dropping the chalk and joining the game of catch and Daniel watched as the small coloured pieces rolled towards him, a blue and purple piece brushing up against him and Daniel dazedly picked it up feeling faintly surprised that he could. It was hard to move his hand, but Daniel used the chalk to draw three careful circles at the apexes of an invisible triangle on his own patch of the small wall and connected them with a shaking hand. Aybados. He traced the symbol with his finger and curled away from the shadow children ignoring the pain in his side that the movement caused. I’m sorry. And it was easy, so easy to close his eyes and let consciousness slide away from him again.

When he woke the words were in Aybadonian and Daniel felt something inside of him crack he curled back towards them panting from the effort and felt blood begin to drip from his side once more, he was so fucking tired of dying. The Shadow children where singing ‘Eye’s all bright, skin so white, snatch you up and --- shhhhhhhh. The Aybadonian version of a nursery rhyme, there were hundreds of them and Daniel let memories of the cramped Aybados streets and its women and children’s high lilting voices overlay the nervous giggling of the shadow children. Sha’re’s warm voice lifted in song and how he would learn the words just to sing them softly to her at night and hear her beautiful laugh. Oh God he missed her.

“Are you alive?” a childish voice asked him as if the concept of alive was a curiosity in itself. Daniel looked up and strained his head back. One of the shadow children was sitting on the wall a little further along she/he it hopped down, He. Daniel decided it was wearing overalls cut off at the thigh, and crouched by his head. It was wearing crisscrossed sandals from Aybados.

“You’re red,” he stated and moved to touch his wound, Daniel sucked in a proactive breath, but he couldn’t feel the ghostly fingers and his body relaxed without him.

“You’re making a mess you know, you shouldn’t make a mess its wrong.” he said and Daniel heard the implied threat and tried to work up the words, but his throat was too dry to defend his side, he pointed at the cartouche of Aybados some vague plan of comparing purposeful with un-purposeful, but by then it was too late, cold indistinct fingers were reaching into him and Daniel screamed.
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Clair Shadows
Date: 2006-04-27 10:45
Subject: (no subject)
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Tags:005, fictions
This is my After the glimpse story :) Author notes are at the end. 

Author: Clair Shadows
Title: Wooden Horse (After)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Mckay/Sheppard
Spoilers: Siege (III)
Summary: Rodney hates his imagination sometimes.
(Author’s comments at the end)
Beta read by slashpilewho is wonderful

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